“As Talent is arguably one of the most important assets for every company, we aim to deliver the best possible results for our Clients, to enable them to take their business to the next level.”

– Louise Landau

Louise Landau


Louise is known for her meticulous attention to detail and her superpower of a relentless drive to find the right answer for any challenge that comes her way. As a qualified lawyer, Louise spent almost a decade working on behalf of companies and syndicates of law in the UK, representing the insurance and reinsurance market on international property losses, including large scale and machinery damage claims valued up to a billion USD. This experience of understanding how an industrial company works from the inside out allows her to truly analyse what happens on the floor of every Ryder Executive Search Client in order to place the best Candidates every time.

Turning to executive search in the industrial industry was a natural and intentional evolution for Louise as she saw the opportunity to progress recruitment and search in a way that is truly purposeful and designed to serve both the Clients and the Candidates to the highest possible level.

Motivated by a desire to mine the optimal talent for every role, and to help every candidate understand their ideal career move and motivation, Louise also favours a challenge and finding answers to questions not yet known. Her desire to prove the pivotal role search can play in the strategic growth of an organisation motivates her to challenge the status quo.

With a genuine interest in every individual, Louise always wants to know what you did on the weekend. She is a graduate of the University of Manchester and BPP Law School, a talented musician, sports lover and seasoned public speaker.

“Underpinning my search philosophy is a genuine sense of enjoyment and purpose for the executive search process and a passion for the industrial marketplace that I have been lucky enough to experience.”

– Louise Landau

Catherine Hastoy

Senior Consultant

The investigative side of search, with the unparalleled high of finding the ultimate candidate, drives Catherine daily in her role at Ryder. Prior to joining the company, Catherine held positions as an executive assistant for COO and CEO level professionals providing her an understanding of the corporate matrix environment and multinational business. In addition, these roles honed her astute attention to detail which was also exercised in positions in Project Management and in HR specifically with a diversity, equity and inclusion mandate.

A genuine interest in the industrial industry and a superpower in asking the right questions, while making people feel completely at ease, help Catherine deliver in her role at Ryder. As a true connector of people and businesses for mutual benefit, Catherine takes pride in helping to break down the barriers that exist in peoples’ understanding of the value of a great recruitment team.

A graduate of Oxford Brookes University, Catherine is mum to two kids, loves tennis, swimming and singing in the local choir, all while staying on top of new technology and chairing the school PTA.

Colette Carbonell

Senior Consultant

Based in Spain, Colette covers the Southern European market for RES. With a background in finance and research, Colette brings a structured, exhaustive approach to candidate selection informed by her professional services experience.

As well as degrees from Oxford and Cambridge, Colette speaks Russian, Spanish, French and German fluently. Incorrigibly curious about the world, she also holds postgraduate degrees in economics, law and history.

Ilknur Gur

Senior Advisor

25+ years of experience in global corporations in Europe and Emerging markets gives her a unique understanding of customer needs and requirements. Passionate about people and diversity, the focus on talent has always been the success factor in her career. She is known for having a great eye for finding talent as well as developing and coaching them.

Multiple years of supervisory board and audit committee experience.